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Sewer Roach Control

National Environmental Solutions will provide all labor, material, and supplies required to coat, with an approved insecticide latex coating approved for sanitary sewer manholes and clean outs. We provide a two-year warranty for the control of roaches in the sewer manholes.

Scope of Work

  • Apply an approved product for sewer roach control application in sanitary manholes.
  • Treat to a maximum depth of eight (8) feet, with an average of 100sq. ft. per manhole.
  • Apply product according to manufacturer's instructions per product label.
  • Mark each manhole cover with an identifying color after being treated.
  • Provide supervision during all phases of work. 
  • Coordinate the work, taking place in alleys, yards, parking lots and streets. 
  • Guarantee the application for Two (2) full years from the date of treatment. If more than 25 live roaches are found in a manhole during the warranty period, the manhole shall be retreated at no additional charge to the Customer. We will provide re-treatment within fourteen (14) calendar days after notification.*
  • Report number of manholes and clean outs treated in each quarter section when submitting billing invoices (Weekly billings based on work completed). We will indicate, in writing, on each quarter section map the number of; manholes and clean outs treated, quantity of product with the percentage, applicators name with the date of completion. This will serve as the record of application for the necessary Agencies and warranty information.
  • Customer will supply quarter section maps indicating exact locations of manholes and clean-outs or pre-mark manholes to be treated
  • Customer will make accessible all designated manholes and clean outs to be coated. If not accessible we will notify Customer. If Customer chooses, we will expose and treat. This will incur additional charges.
  • Customer will provide inspection and assistance where necessary.
  • Customer will provide backup on major roadways as required.

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